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Autism Legislation Must Be Passed NOW

Well, the elections of last week are now officially done and in the books.  Like that old saying goes “elections have consequences” but before we go marching into our new political term it’s important that we don’t forget the unfinished business that this State Senate still has on the table.  We’re in what’s commonly referred to as the “lame duck” session of the political season and the good folks in Lansing are trying to figure out what they’re going to finish off before the end of the year and, for some of them, the end of their time in office.

So what’s one thing they have to do before this term is up?

Pass Autism Insurance Reform Legislation

When this fight really started to heat up over the past year I posted exactly why this legislation matters to every citizen in this state (including the ones that are still in diapers). In simple terms it’s because, aside from being the right thing to do, it’s going to save us all a lot of money …. even if Autism doesn’t touch your life personally.

We’ve also done entire shows and interviews (here, here and here) about this topic and the long term damage that the insurance companies are doing to families and children in Michigan with their attempts to cheat young children out of the coverage that their parents are paying for and that they should be receiving.

The legislation would require insurance companies to provide insurance coverage for Autism.  It doesn’t really sound that complicated does it.  As a parent you purchase insurance to protect your child from unforseen dangers to their health. Insurance companies don’t want to cover Autism though because …. well, they want larger profits.  It’s really not that complicated.

They don’t care about the long term harm to these kids.

They don’t care about the additional cost to every tax payer in Michigan because they’re cheating these families.

They don’t care that they’re losing in courts to the parents that have the time and money to sue them because they know that most families can’t afford to sue them so it’s no big deal.

They don’t care …. well, that’s pretty much it … they don’t care.

These kids are a line item in their expense column and sooo … they’re crossing them out and saying….

“Nope, we’re not going to give them the coverage their parents are paying for.”

It’s really that simple.

This insurance legislation would help stop the insurance companies from cheating children with Autism.

This insurance legislation would make the insurance companies provide the service the parents are paying for already.

And if passed it will also save you, your children and your grandchildren thousands of dollars … each.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Listen to this clip from our soon to be Lt. Governor Brian Calley as he talks about his own child’s Autism diagnosis and the difficulties he’s had trying to get her the help she needs.  Republicans are not generally known for supporting “mandates”, especially ones that are opposed by big business (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan with $10 BILLION dollars in revenue and a $3 billion dollar SURPLUS qualifies as Big Business. They’re also currently being sued by the Department Of Justice for violating anti-trust violations including potential price fixing).

So why is Mr. Calley, one of the state’s top Republicans, supporting this legislation?  Listen to the interview and let him explain it to you himself  (note: his own daughter’s Autism diagnosis occured AFTER his vote on this legislation).

Then do me a favor and contact your Michigan State Senator (you can look them up here) and tell them that Autism Insurance needs to be put up for a vote and approved THIS TERM, THIS YEAR, THIS SESSION, THIS WEEK.

If you’d like to learn more about this topic please check out the sites and information from some of the other groups fighting hard for these kids and this legislation:

NOW IS THE TIME, MICHIGAN! Critical Action Needed Today on Autism Insurance Reform

* For those of  you that have already heard Mr. Calley’s personal Autism story, skip to the 4 minute 50 second point in the interview to hear him specifically address this pending legislation.

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