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Great Stop Bullying Site

I ran across this anti-bullying website for kids and parents (primarily younger kids).  It’s got some good information on it and some scenarios that parents can work through with their kids.

I especially liked that it had some good resources, book recommendations, tip sheets, etc..

Best of all there are little animated scenes that you can read through (they have the script), watch online, download or print out and read comic book style.  Great resource for kids who need a more visual approach!  They also have little games kids can play and quizzes for after the videos have played

The scenarios are simple and short.  My only real complaint is that they are a bit stereotypical (jocks pick on music nerd, etc.) but other than that they are great!

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  • Ellena Smith 23, May, 2012, 2:00

    If the bullying is happening at school, the best solution is to talk to your child’s teacher, the principal, and possibly the school counselor. Explain to them in detail what has been going on with your child and the bully. If the bully is someone who doesn’t go to school with your child, ask the bully’s parents to meet with you to discuss the situation. Try not to attack their parenting skills, just stick to the facts and try to come up with a solution. I would like to share this link, about a service on how you can protect your children. You might find it interesting: http://safekidzone.com/

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