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MGK Radio: Celiac Disease & Gluten Allergies

Our interview with Dr. Peter Green from the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University was a huge success (and a bit of a disappointment for my sister).  Lots of great information and some common myths addressed (i.e.- Can you grow out of Celiac?,  If it doesn’t hurt do you have Celiac?, etc.).  I especially liked the easy to understand explanation Dr. Green gave of what Celiac is and why we’re seeing an uptick (and he clearly explained that we are) in Celiac disease and food allergies in general.

I think the biggest surprise for me was that on top of all of the foods you have to avoid you also have to watch for gluten (or wheat derivatives) in LIPSTICK!  After more research after the interview it turns out that two of the sneaky ways to get gluten when you think you’re safe is Cosmetics and Medication.

Who’d have thought about makeup as part of a food allergy?

Medicine is even worse.  Here you’re giving your child something to make them better, and if they have Celiac or gluten problems, you’re making them worse and weakening their immune system even further.

Based on the response we’ve gotten so far this is quickly becoming one of our top shows.  I’ll be posting more links later in the week but wanted to get this post, and podcast, up as quickly as possible.

Please also check out the show preview post from last week that had some great Celiac links and information along with a great video of Dr. Green on “The View”.

Thanks for all of the feedback ……….. and keep it coming!

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