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MGK Radio: Travel Savings w/ Fare Compare



Tuesday at 3:00pm

If you pull nothing else out of our interview with Fare Compare those two pieces of information alone will save you thousands.

Why Wednesday?

  • It’s the best (meaning cheapest) day to fly.

Tuesday at 3:00pm?

  • That’s the cheapest time to book those tickets.

But those two tips are just the start of the great information from Rick  Seaney at Fare Compare who gave us a TON of great travel tips that are really wallet savers and his site should, in all honesty, be the first place you go when trying to plan that airline trip.

Why?  What makes it so special?

First of all it is PACKED with information including :

My two personal favorite parts of their site:

Secondly, it’s also regularly updated with great, money saving travel tips like this one Avoid The Most Expensive Days which give a DAY BY DAY breakdown of the Peak Surcharges charged by each airline through Feb. 2011.

How cool is that (the chart not the way the airlines are ripping us off)!

Third, there’s also a constant flow of great articles like:

Finally, while the articles are great the main point of the site is to give you the best air fare no matter where you’re going and they do a great job of that.  Best of all since they don’t actually sell you the tickets (they just compare all of the rates and then give you the results) you don’t have to worry about any conflicts of interest …. they give you the best rates. Period.

Tons of tools.

Great savings.

Informative articles.

We hope you enjoy the interview where we cover as much as possible to help get your family the best airline travel experience available.  Please send us your top travel tips!


Other Great Airline Travel Sites We Couldn’t Do Without

I’m a big guy with long legs so seating matters to me – alot.  Location of the bathrooms matter to my wife and son …. all things that can be found on:

Whether you’re the one flying or waiting for someone coming in this site is one of my favorites (plus you’ve got to admit it’s kind of cool watching your little plane en route)

I’ll be honest this last one is a new one that I haven’t used yet but looks to have some great stuff including arrivals, departures, detailed seat maps and state information with a listing of all of the airports in the state along with their arrivals, departures and airport summaries …

And lastly this one, which might not be as useful as the above links, but it is really interesting.  It  shows pictures of Airline meals including pictures of crew meals and meals from the 50′s – 80′s when you could actually get real meals with real plates and silverware.

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