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A Gentleman Is….

What IS a gentleman in the modern age?

You see, I don’t think that was as hard a question to answer in the past as it might be today.

Carey Grant, surely the picture of a gentleman.

Whether as the classic Atticus Finch or as himself, Gregory Peck certainly fits the bill.

For my money nobody can beat Jimmy Stewart.

Clark Gable … come on, when you say Southern Gentleman who else could fit the bill?

(Okay, maybe Colonel Sanders.)

In the past the image of a gentleman was always easy to figure out.

Sharp dressed.

Well mannered.

Ladies first.


Peaceful, but not a pushover.


Strong but quiet.

They seem like easy enough qualities … even timeless.

BUT what would Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird), Rhett Butler (Gone with the Wind) or even George Bailey (It’s A Wonderful Life) do today in the age of cell phones, Twitter, feminism, automatic doors and fashion that ….. well, let’s just say there’s not to many guys wearing hats and three piece suits anymore.

Okay, so … some guys are still wearing hats … but this also proves my point.

Where are our modern gentleman role models?

Now, to be fair the guys pictured above (with the obvious exception of the “gentleman” in the orange hat) are all recognized as gentleman primarily because of the roles they played.  Who knows what they were like in their personal lives but the point is the term gentleman wasn’t hard to picture and figure out.

Nowadays … it’s a little tougher.  Or is it?

Maybe the definition of a gentleman has simply evolved.  To find out we interviewed Mr. John Bridges who’s sold well over a million books telling people exactly that … How to Be a Gentleman: A Timely Guide to Timeless Manners.

John helps us get to the bottom of such things as

  • What IS a modern Gentleman? (and what’s a Lady?)
  • Is the concept of the Gentleman …. dead or just evolved?
  • Are there any modern “Gentlemanly” role models?
  • Do we still open the door – pull out her chair – offer our seat up?
  • What do we do about cellphones, email, etc.?
  • Can you be a “Gentleman” without being a wimp?

John’s Excellent Sites

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