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My Great Kid Radio:All About Twitter w/ Leslie Poston

On the “My Great Kid” Radio show we had a great interview with Leslie Poston, social media expert and co-author of “Twitter For Dummies”. Leslie not only shared a lot with us about Twitter but also a ton about “social media” in general and what it means both for us as parents but also for our kids.

I thought one of Leslie’s best answers (and one that fits so many topics beyond Twitter and Social Media) was when she addressed the concerns that parents have regarding

  • Not understanding how this stuff works
  • Not wanting to try it and screw up
  • Not wanting to try it and accidentally offend somebody
  • Not wanting to try it out and find out you’re doing it wrong.

Leslie’s response was simple :

    So What?

So what if you do it wrong or screw it up?
Try it anyway and don’t worry about what other people think.

Great advice for Twitter, life, our kids …. and yes, even for us parents.

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Some Twitter People To Get You Started

If you like them great, follow them. If you don’t like them don’t worry about it, just skip them (except the first one of course – how could you not like them?)

Remember, Twitter is kind of like a party – some folks you’ll like, some you won’t, some you’ll listen to, others you’ll ignore, some you might just want to listen to, others you’ll want to talk to. There’s lots of “right ways” to do it.

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